Add custom songs to Beatron 2000

Beatron 2000 ships with a variety of great songs for you to play. But you're not limited to our picks! Read on to learn how you can add additional songs, either coded for Beatron by somebody else, or how to code them up yourself!


If you've downloaded a Beatron song from somewhere, you should unzip it to find a folder containing several files: an MP3 of the song itself, plus a .txt file and a .csv file, which provide the additional data Beatron needs to use it with the game. The folder itself must have a name ending in .song, so it looks like this:

To install this in Beatron, you will need the free Android File Transfer utility. Plug your Go into the computer with the USB cable, and then launch Android File Transfer. Navigate to Android > data > com.luminaryapps.beatron > files.

Now simply drag that .song folder here (into the files folder you just found on your Go). That's it! The next time you launch Beatron 2000, you should see your new song in the list with all the others.

(Tip: Android File Transfer does not work if your Go has Developer Mode turned on, but the PC you're connecting to does not have adb (Android debug bridge) installed. If you find yourself in this situation, either turn Developer Mode off, or install adb.)


Using our custom Beatron Song Editor, you can code your own songs, and (copyrights permitting) share them with the world! All the details can be found here.