"Beatron2000 is a FANTASTIC music rhythm game that makes full use of the Oculus Go’s potential."
- patrik_f

"This experience is so much fun"
- sebastian.kurz.583

"This is the best beatsaber-like game for the Oculus Go ever!"
- Robbin12392

"The blocks are fun to smash and they are on beat. The environments look really good."
- Los7error

"This is for me one of the best games on Oculus Go. I never thought that the controller of the Go could be used in such a way."
- ivanmartit

"Best rhythm game on the go!"
- roboman410

"It's a good game to enjoy alone or with friends and family with pass and play."
- Purplemikey

"The best Rythm game on the Oculus Go."
- aaron.sommers.1253